FREE Extended Preview of Warrior In Pink

Excited to share:

For your weekend reading pleasure: (click here! click here!) FREE ebook download for Warrior In Pink!! You can download to Kindle, Nook, iBooks, as a PDF! Please share with your friends. There are share buttons for Facebook and Twitter on the page or you can share this post. You’ll get FOR FREE the intro and the first three chapters and the appendices:

  • sherpa: thoughts for caretakers
  • a thousand stitches: thoughts for parents with kids still at home
  • letter to a newly diagnosed cancer patient

Warrior In Pink on Noisetrade


No need to dump $20 into the tip jar. Those monies will not be coming to me directly. If you want to give directly to our ministry, feel free to check out the contact and link tab instead. :)

Thanks for sharing the book with your friends and family. I’ve heard so many encouraging stories. I joined the Susan G. Komen Orange County Speaker’s Bureau this week and will be sharing my story next week at a SGK Team Leader’s Appreciation event.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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