Keep On Praying

We lived at the base of the mountain named Pine Brook Hills. The name, Pine Brook Hills, might suggest grass-covered mounds, but hairpin turns and steep inclines required the use of snow tires and sometimes chains during the winter months. These were, without question, mountains. The houses were sprinkled far apart and the driveways were long and the views, breath-taking. From one of those houses surrounded by pine trees too many to count, a mom and one of her daughters faithfully prayed. The prayers drifted up to heaven like smoke from their chimney. The daughter, my sister’s classmate, prayed that God would bring my sister and me to Himself.

The prayers went up. And life went on. And years went by.

Much later on God would answer those mountain prayers. Our family would move from the house at the base of the mountain in Boulder, Colorado clear across the ocean to Hong Kong. And there in Hong Kong my sister and I would fully commit our lives to God.

When I returned to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, I spent the next five years teaching Sunday school at First Presbyterian Church where Jill Wedlake, the mom who prayed for us, was the director of the children’s program. Our lives would continue to criss cross. Then they moved to Italy when I moved to Berkeley.

And years went by.

Last month, in Grand Junction, Colorado, we had a sweet reunion with the Wedlake family. I was able to introduce Jill and her husband, Jerry, to Michael and Julia. We stayed overnight at their house. Sydney, the daughter who prayed, came over for dinner with her two kids. And sitting over chips and salsa at the kitchen counter, I thanked them both for praying all those years back.


And as we drove away from their home the next morning my heart was renewed to not give up. To keep on praying. And to pray with my own daughter for God to draw her friends to Himself. This side of heaven we may not see exactly how He answers the prayers we pray. But each of us had someone who prayed for us. And each of us has people God has placed in our lives for us to pray for as well.

God hears prayer and He answers.

Don’t give up. Keep on praying.

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8 thoughts on “Keep On Praying

  1. I’d never heard that story. I am so glad you returned to CU and taught Rick in Sunday School. Just think, Jonathan is now entering his sophomore year. We came back to Boulder your sophomore year! Time has a way of moving on and God has done wonderful things in each of our lives. And. . I will continue to pray for some of those who have not made the commitment for Christ.

    • The years do fly by, Toni! God has been so good to us, I agree. So thankful God allowed our paths to cross way back when. Thankful to still be in touch! Big hugs, viv

  2. The string of what seemed unexpected moments that lead me to Christ and now entering my second year in college, it’s crazy to know someone somewhere had been praying for me to encounter and know Him. I’m encouraged and reminded again to diligently pray and petition for others- particularly my family- and with expectancy knowing that He is working in their lives in His perfect timing. Thank you for sharing this post!

    • thanks so much for reading and taking time to leave a comment. I look forward to one day in heaven when we will see how God answered prayers in intricate ways. I’m glad this post encouraged you to continue to pray, especially for your family. I will pray for them tonight. :)

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